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Ogier Electronics have developed and manufacture an advanced microwave transmission system that shows images of the platform to drivers of Driver Only Operated (DOO) trains as they approach and leave stations.

The system has been designed for operation above and below ground. It has a number of important operational benefits over first generation leaky feeder or optical equipments. Specifically:

  • The system gives high quality videos with no compromises on resolution or frame rate
  • The picture quality is guaranteed using quantifiable measured parameters
  • Space diversity with separate antennas ensures the best signal is processed
  • The videos are guaranteed to be interference free
  • There are no critical installation requirements or adjustments
  • The system is not susceptible to environmental contamination
  • The system positively eliminates any possibility of cross-talk between tracks
  • There is no need for any manual controls
  • All the equipment can be fitted in or around the station area
  • Nothing has to be fitted close to the track and so it is not vulnerable to damage
  • No routine or scheduled maintenance is required
  • Simple depot checks are possible for the train-born equipment
  • Full status information is available for all the platform equipment
  • There is flexibility in catering for special requirements such as left/right door opening
  • There can be growth potential for revenue earning videos
  • There is extra channel capacity for two way video and data transmissions
  • Optionally, a simple redundant configuration is available for the platform units

The system has been installed throughout the Mass Transit Railway Corporation network in Hong Kong and has been in use now since 2001 with an excellent reliability record. Identical equipments are still in production.

We have also supplied systems for the Kowloon Canton Railway network and have now successfully completed deliveries of all the trackside and trainborne equipment originally ordered for the London Underground network, with Ogier equipment now in use on the Metropolitan, District, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines. We are delighted to report that all deliveries were made in line with the original delivery schedule.

Two short movies showing a new OPO train passing through two different stations and demonstrating the system in operation may be downloaded from the download section of this page. A downloadable image showing the progress of the trackside installations for London Underground as of 13th June 2011 is available here.

Images reproduced from Modern Railways magazine September 2010 edition are with the permision of Ian Allan Publishing

Please click on the “Alternate Technologies” and “Compliance” downloads to obtain more information on the features and benefits of the system.



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